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PAT-266 350m Wireless AV Swtich RCA Audio Video Transmitter Receiver Sender + IR Extended For Satellite IPTV Android Cable TV

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PAT-266 as a "smart digital STB wireless sharing device" is an innovative product that can be implemented in different rooms for home entertainment audio and video signals share. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission scheme and has the long-distance transmission, strong anti-interference, high mobility and other advantages. In addition, it can be at the receiving end support 2.4GHz wireless channel remote control switch, AV signal switch, infrared remote control. By means of radio waves, it can be transferred from DVD players, hard disk recorders, surveillance cameras, IPTV, satellite receiver, digital TV set-top box, or at the receiving end in any other A / V equipmen to the television transmitter end in different rooms signal of. So, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless sharing of HD AV data and Hi-Fi audio and video effects.        


Digital Wireless STB Sharing device need working with a Set.

The (Transmitter only  or Receiver only) can not working alone.


Functions and Features:        

1. Use 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.        
        2. 350 m transmission range without any holdback.Not have Through the wall function.        
        3. 8 groups of selectable AV channels, it can effectively avoid the interference from router and other wireless device.        
        4. Support 2 groups of AV signal input, 1 group of AV signal output, 1 group of AV extension output.        
        5. Keep Transmitter and receiver setting at the same channel, it can support one transmitter and more receivers at the same time.        
        6. Support 2.4GHz wireless channel remote switch, AV signal switch, IR remote control at receiver end.        
        7. Support DVD, DVR, IPTV, CCTV Camera, Satellite receiver, Digital STB and other AV output devices.        
        8. Support 8 groups of superheterodyne 433MHz wireless channel to avoid the interference from same channel, While Compatible for 38KHz/ 56KHz infrared carrier transmission.        
        9. Transmitter have built-in infrared signal emission or have infrared transmission extension cable, so that you can do remote control the signal from DVD, DVR, STB, IPTV and other device.        
        10. Support video transmission of PAL/ NTSC system and stereo audio transmission, Pictures received are clear, flamboyant and stable.        
        11. Full hardware design without installing any software, plug and play, simple and convenient.        
        12. Fashionable design, Machine dimensions: 11.2 × 8.8 × 3.5 cm.        

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