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30kw power saver- single phase energy saver for home(CHT-001B)

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Business-type Power Saver




1) Business-type power saver
2) Rated voltage: 90-250V
3) Rated frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
4) Useful load: 30KW




Easy to use, maintenence free. Just plug the saver into the wall socket closest to the meter, one signal phase household require one Power Saver.

It uses a state of the art electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of electrical appliances, suit for household or office.

The technology optimizes the voltage and current demands to reduce the active power demands, reduce electricity bills by up to 35%. Reduced electrical overheating and improved saving consistency, so that prolong the life of your appliances.

1) Rate Voltage: 90 V- 250 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz (suitable to all over the world).
2) Working temperature: -15 oC to 60 oC.
3) Single phase model.
4) Use one Power Saver for every 30,000 watts.
5) Super intelligent digital energy saving equipmen.
6) 28KW Power Saver Save Electricity Energy 35% Less Money EU
7) Protect the environment, the appliances and prolong their life.

How does it work:
This Power Saver use a state of the electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of your household or office appliances.

In addition, the intelligent technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power/ KwH demands and achieves up to 35% savings on your electricity bill. It reduces waveform distortions. It also acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing emery for up to 10 seconds and therefore suppliers the load with constant voltage during momentary power surges. As a result, this power saver prolongs lifespan of the electrical appliances.

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