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300M Mini WiFi repeater MINI 300

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300M Mini WiFi repeater MINI 300

MINI300 is a professional 300M Mini WiFi repeater, that is elaborately developed by HouTian Network, the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology(TAFC), it solved the common failing of the traditional wifi router or wifi products that easily drop the network, make sure the lasting stability to ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped. It is based on IEEE 802.11N standard, can extend WiFi Network range, provides the stable transmission up to 300Mbps, also is compatible with IEEE 802.11B and IEEE 802.11G standard.

MINI300 is an environmentally and safe WiFi signal repeater. Working in the repeater mode, MINI300 can be doubled to extend the original WiFi signal coverage, while it can ensure the security of the wireless signal, its working principle is: at the edges of the original WiFi hot spot signal coverage, the MINI300 that in "repeater mode " is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and then zoom in to the normal, safe strength, and after optimization, error correction processing, to achieve signal coverage distance doubled extension under safe. This differs from traditional wireless signal amplifier - only amplifies the signal and ignore the wireless security.

1、Environmental, Safe, Portable, Mini
2、Support 802.11b/g/n WiFi transmission protocol, 300Mbps rate of transmission
3、Professional Intelligent WiFi repeater
4、WiFi intelligent bridge function, Wireless switch wired, wired switch wireless, intelligent switch;
5、WiFi intelligent repeater mode, it supports WiFi hotspots scan automatically and WiFi hotspot memory function
6、Support WEB remote firmware upgrade, can get the latest firmware free
7、Support local WEB management, Chinese and English configuration interface
8、 Adopt the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology(TAFC),make sure the lasting stability to ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped
9、Original creation VDNS virtual domain configuration technology to solve the user’s trouble of configuration
10、Support connecting more than 20pcs WiFi terminal at the same time.
11、Support WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、64/128/WEP security mechanism.
12、The transmission distance (without obstacle) : 100m

    In the software operation, Houtian network upholds the consistent simple, user-friendly design, abandoned the verbose of IP setup for traditional wireless repeater, using the virtual domain configuration techniques(VDNS)configuration, and also support the use of IE browser configuration and PC-specific software configuration(no IP connection), on the steps, it is even more concise, no redundant operations, which greatly facilitates the use of different levels of user.


Hardware Spec 

Protocol Standard 

IEEE 802.11gIEEE 802.11bIEEE 802.11n 

Rate of transmission



micro USB portconnect USB cable for charging;

1 10/100M adaptive Ethernet female


Reset button (long press 5 seconds)


Status instruction:

Hot spot connection state ( blue light);

WiFi state(blue light);

Ethernet port statelight green for success);


Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2dbm Antennas


43mm x 43mm x 14mmL x W x H





Wireless Related

Basic functions

Channel option: 1-14;

WiFi Hot spot scan automatically;

WiFi Hot spot memory;

Working Mode


WiFi Intelligent repeater mode:

   Repeater mode (WiFi signal repeater), it can extend the distance of WiFi transfer

Wireless security

64/128/WEP encryption

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSKWPA/WPA2 security mechanism

System function


Restart device

Reset factory

Administrate account and password revise

Firmware upgrade

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