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24kw power saver-single energy saver for home (JS-002)

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power/energy/eletric Saving Saint Two
Product Description
Super intelligent digital energy saving device Saving Saint Two is a high-tech product, which adopted the latest and high-efficiency saving technology of Germany. This product can provide effective protection for all kinds of electronic equipmens, prolong their lifespan. It is a high-efficiency energy saving device that is designed completely to meet the demands of business. 
Product Features
  1. 1.      By monitoring the status of electronic equipmen, JS-002  can compensate the power and high frequency wave effectively, and improve the power parameter of the whole circuit.
  1. 2.      Decrease the instantaneous protruding wave effectively and improve the power parameter greatly, purify contamination of circuit effectively, and improve the quality of power supply.
3.  Stabilize voltage and equalize current, avoid the electronic waste caused by excessive thermal with high voltage.
  1. 4.      Prevent the damage of electronic appliance from external lightning strike and surge.
  1. 5.      This product does not consume power itself.  You need not worry about the additional expense. According to the quantity and power of the appliance, you can use one or more products to ensure the best effect.
6. The production is convenient and easy to install. It will work after plug in socket.
Product Advantages
  1. Intelligent regulating function. Adopt composite control technology to make the practical current waveform change following the voltage phase automatically, and adjust the power parameter of whole electro-environment.
   2.    This product can monitor the practical current and voltage condition of electronic 
        appliances,absorb or release Inductive reactive load and power supply dynamically, and compensate the electric-requirement at peak hours and adjust rotational moment of ammeter according to its intelligent regulative function.
    power consumption of appliance. It can not only prevent humorous wave, but also adjust power and decrease energy consume and improve the total power factor of appliance. This product can monitor and adjust current waveform, which is variable in size and frequency according to practical condition. Improve the power factor of appliance, and decrease the current value.
    4.    For business users, the inductive ammeters usually calculate some ineffectual power, which will increase the expense. The problem will be resolved by the alleviation of the restraining filter, decreasing and absorbing all kinds of instantaneous impact for the switch of appliance, electronic component and semiconductor component in circuit, and prevent excessive measure caused by redundant rotation of the ammeter.
    5.    Long-term impact from all kinds of instantaneous current and voltage lead to produce carbon oxide layer in switch device and other electronic component. Experiment proved that the existence of carbon oxide layer per ohm impedance, which will increase 30% loss of electromotor. But this is not a question after using our product, because the carbon oxide layer will never be created and the existent carbon oxide layer will be desquamated gradually, and the circuit will be purified effectively, so it will save the energy and improve the efficiency of the system.
Product Specification
      1. Current improvement system
2. Effective power saving performance
3. Stable durability
4. Easy installation
5. Superior safety
6. Preventing static electricity
7. Preventing harmful electromagnetic waves
8. Outstanding return on investment
9. Technical
parameter: Rated
Voltage : 90V-250V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption: 28, 000W
Suitable For Use: The product is highly recommended for the following electronic equipmen: Hotel, Superstore, Restaurant, Office, Factory, School, Bank, etc.
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