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18kw power saver for home Electricity Saver Box Save SD002

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Production introduction:
Saving electricity means saving money, saying money means earning money! Joices surge forward you at heart, do not forget, the electricity-saved box brings you happiness!

When power supply transporting, for supplying, in order to avoid the wastage and the low voltage of terminal users in the peak time, so would transport with higher electricity press, for this reason the electric voltage for actual bearing of the users will higher than the settled electric voltage of the equipmen. The superfluous electric voltage can not only let the loading equipmen works more efficiently, on the contrary is the main cause of leading to the equipmen fever. As a result, it causes the negative effect.

The amount of electricity wastage and the expenditure of electricity charge increase greatly and the lifespan of the electric appliances shortens etc. the basic speculation-saved box is to let the customer have the stable work electric voltage and the prolong the lifespan of using the electric appliances.

To offer the accurate and stable work electric voltage for loading, promote the quality of the power supply. Reducing the electric appliances getting fever prolonging the lifespan of the electric appliances, reducing the maintain cost. Promoting the power factor, can save the fee of adjusting the interest rate of the power supply, for the mobile electricity charges can also attain thee significant effect that lower.

To increase the capacity of using the system equipmen can retard the pressure of the switch or circuit convenient installing and using. Save electricity, save money for customers every minute every second after installing.

Guide To Use:
Plug the electricity saved box in to any sockets at home. According to the electric appliances quantity and loading carry can use one or several stanzas electric appliances, can immediately attain the electricity-saved effect.

Technical parameter:
Rated voltage: 90V~250V  Rated frequency: 50Hz~60Hz

When using, please be careful when pluging into the sockets. Don’t be too rude. Avoid damage.
After using, don’t take off too often. Avoid influencing the result of saving electricity.
Don’t let the kids touch it. Assure the safety.
When using, if the indicated light doesn’t light, please ask the local agents to exchanger or mend.
Please don’t open or mend by yourself.

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1 x 18KW Power Electricity Saver
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