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120kw energy saver CHT003B4

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3 Phase 120KW Energy Saver/120KW Triphase Power Saver




1) Load Limit: 300, 000W
2) Rated Voltage: 110 - 400 VAC, 50HZ / 60 HZ
3) Working Temperature: -15 degree to 60 degrees Celsius
4) Use one Intelligent works power saver for every 300, 000 watts and 3 phases
5) Altitude: <2000m
6) Humidity: <85%
7) 3 phase / three phase model



1) Save Up to 30%-50% electricity.
2) Suitable for Shop, House, Restaurant, Office, Factory
3) It does not connect between the main power source and the internal supply line
4) Provides superior elimination of harmful static electricity
5) Safe design to achieve savings
6) Die cast stainless alloy casing
7) Optimal Power Management
8) Double electric insulation
9) DIY easy installation.
10) Stabilize current

Package Contents:
1 x Intelliworks 300KW 3 Phase Energy Saver
1 x Product Manual
1 x Gift Box

How it works:

The power saver pionee controls and actively improves the power factor of your personal and professional devices.
When transported, electricity is subject to numerous fluctuations and losses of charge as well as to adulatory variations leading to electricity peaks unexplainable by our electrical devices. Thus, a part of the electricity delivered to our households is delivered in the form of unexplainable overcharges, yet billed, these electricity peaks make us pay and consume more.


1.      This revolutionary product uses German technology.
2.    Saves energy efficiently

3.    3 phase current optimisation
4.    DIY installation
5.    Sturdy Alloy Casing
6.    Easy and safe installation
7.    Reduce electricity bills by up to 30%
8.    Prolong the life of appliances
9.    Maintainance free
10.  Sleek Design

How it works
intelliworks enery saver use a state-of-the-art electrical technology to actively monitor and improve the power factor of your household,office or industrial appliances. in addition, the intelligent technology optimizes the voltage and current demands thus reducing the active power/KwH demands and can achieve up to 50% savings on your electricity bill ,it also acts as a voltage stabilizer by storing energy for up to 10 seconds and therefore supplies the load with constant voitage during momentary power surges.this in turn results in a longer lifespan of your electrical appliances.


Installation procedure
-plug this device into a wall socket,not an extension cord or multiple socket and switch on the unit.
-when you see 2 green LED lights turn on,the unit has started saving electricity
-install one power saver to each phase



1. is it safe to use inerlliworks energy saver?
intelliworks energy saver have passed many tests and verifications at various certification levels,and has demonstrated its capability to engender savings up to 10% or more on electrincal power usage , it has been inspected under strict conditions and is almost a zero defect product with high safety,non heat generating and non electrincal enery stabilizes voltage, reduces current,enhances PF of appliances,and extends the life of appliances.

2.if plug in more than 1 intelliworks energy saver will i save more? device is sufficient per phase, any additional units piugged in,will not increase savings.

3.why se interlliworks energy saver?
all electrical epuipment/appliances efficiency reduces with time,as appliances age,it will consume more power without being realized,ence higher electricity bills.
due to many appliances in one household each with different power and current requirements affects voltage and current consumption.unstable supply voltages increase in resistance due to wire size and poor power supply which may result in power loss.
extra electrincal power can also be lost naturally (wire loss) or at the instant of turning on the power equipmen.
4.what is the lifespan of an intelliworks Energy saver?
intellwoeks energy saver are expected to last about 80000 hours of continued usage.
5.Do i need a qualified technician/electrinian to install the intelliworks energy savers?
you do not require any help in installing the devices,just plug them into any wall socket and let tham start saving.once the green lights light up you can be sure savings have stared.
notes:plug into a direct wall socket only and as close to the electricity meter as possible.
6.can intelliworks energy savers be used in other countries that have an electrinity supply of 110 to 130 vac or 220 to 240 vac,50-60Hz.kindly confirmed your pin requirements before placing an order with us for compatibility with your local sockets.

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